New case construction

Watch strap without smell

Special materials

Our innovative technology


The sealing of housing without a single “rubber” and without any other seals


Simplified installation of the mechanism, thus facilitating servicing

ASSEMBLY Without damage

Non-traumatic assembly and disassembly of the watch mechanism

The key and the crown

Modifications to prevent breakage due to rough handling

Housing compatible with ETA and other mechanisms

The case is made to be compatible with the ETA Swiss mechanism, but there is a possibility of adapting it to fit other mechanisms as well.

Watch “GLASS” innovation

Application of new materials for watch glass with increased resistance to scratching and breaking (stronger material, more resistant and more transparent than sapphire glass)

No rubber gaskets

Pushers that are operational in all conditions and environments without rubber seal
(technical inovation in process of development)


System for protection ofthe watch mechanism


Complete new technical solution for housing sealing that can be applied to almost all materials.

Patent application (case materials): Steel-steel, steel-glass, steel-gold, gold-glass, composite materials, etc.

Watch strap that keeps the natural environment of the skin of the hand in contact with the leather bracelet.

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Our journey

What others say

Presentation of the idea to Vacheron Constantin and the Richmond Group

The case was presented and tested in 2008 at Vacheron Constantin in Geneva. On this occasion it was treated to all weather conditions and environments (water, pressure, air …). The Zero piece / prototype passed all tests and the work on case design was continued.

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Patent application

The patent can also be applied on:

All instruments that require sealing in different weather conditions and environments

Diving equipment

Sailing equipment

Aviation equipment

In search for the impossible we make innovations

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